Sherman Roofing Companies Metal Roof in Sherman TX Roofers

When home and business owners are looking for a professional roofing company in Sherman TX to install their metal roof, Lankford Roofing is here. Savvy business developers and owners actually prefer metal roofs for their low cost maintenance, longevity, and speed of installation. Our Sherman TX roofing contractors install metal roofs to combat corrosion and the elements while providing a professional, sleek look that makes your building stand out. Compared to standard shingled roofs, metal roofs have several advantages. They’re both lightweight and resilient, while being practically impervious to rain, hail, or snow. One added positive to metal roofs in Sherman TX is their natural resistance to heat from the sun which can help business and home owners qualify for certain tax credits, as well as save energy on heating and cooling bills. Many roofing companies in Sherman TX leave out the negatives of maintaining a metal roof, and simply focus on the positives. Below we’ll discuss the pros and cons to owning a metal roof and how it can save you time and money.

  • Longevity: A properly installed metal roof should last the life of the building or home
  • Protection: A metal roof in Grand Prairie offers protection from wind, rain, fire, and more
  • Warranty: A metal roof is backed by a strong warranty as well as a limited paint warranty

In Sherman TX, did you know owning a metal roof can reduce electrical costs? The great thing about a metal roof in Sherman TX is its ability to reflect radiant heat coming from the sun; this minimizes heat gain during the day. This reflection saves you measurable amounts of energy in air conditioning. This happens by creating a dead space of air between the metal roof and the roof deck itself in order to increase energy efficiency. Despite the low insulating R-value of the metal, this space of dead air acts as a barrier between the hot metal surface of the roof and the roof deck. Lankford Roofing roofing experts specialize in installing metal roofs on less angled pitches, while no sacrificing any of the great non-leak potential of the material. Our metal roofing materials will also aid in defending against rain and snow. When the metal roof panels are locked together it creates a leak proof seal, combine this with the hard and slipper surface of the metal; rain and snow don’t stand a chance. This also helps keep the roof clear of debris such as leaves and dirt that could normally latch onto the rough surface of shingled roofs.

In Sherman TX, Lankford Roofing is the go to company for metal roofing, especially when it comes to speed of installation. Our metal roofs are broken down into multiple shingle sections, or 12”-36” wide R-Panels. The many metal roof companies throughout the metroplex can manage to install a metal roof, only Lankford Roofing provides quick, efficient, and guaranteed installation and maintenance. There are many business owners who take care of their property, however after a large storm there may be damage that isn’t noticeable. Lankford Roofing also offers free estimates for assessing shingled or metal roof damage, so if you notice dark spots, algae growth, or dents in your metal roof then give us a call.  We employ a strong team of highly trained metal roofers in Sherman TX that have the know-how and experience to put together a free, no cost estimate and proposal to you, then once approved, install and maintain your first line of defense against Mother Nature. You can call Lankford Roofing in Sherman TX today, and talk to our metal roof experts.